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  • The Open Space

    The Open Space

    Nowadays, everybody knows what an Open Space is and if you are working in tech you probably already worked (and still) in such office. I have several experiences in workplaces having used different types of office myself. I never had my word to say about the workplace but I’m constantly arguing about the workplace/environment. Here […]

  • CONDA – managing python env

    CONDA – managing python env

    Nowadays, when starting development, there is a lot of discussion around tooling, environments and managing all of it. Previously I was working with a standard python installer or a full anaconda installation. Things mainly worked but I was not comfortable using all of it. One of my colleagues, told me to give a try on […]

  • The four types of work

    The four types of work

    Since I started my professional career, I’ve always tried to better organize my work. In my early days, I was just doing things as they came and never planned my work or at least time frame for it. I have to say that it worked! I had some hard weeks, some very long days but […]

  • Python January

    Python January

    TLDR; the repos of the work can be seen on github. There are lots of vibes when the new year comes and for me it’s trying to focus on something for a little bit, stick with it and get a conviction if it worth continuing to experiments or if it was a nice toy for […]

  • Generating fake data in ruby

    Generating fake data in ruby

    For a long time I’m opening different DataViz tools in order to play and learn with them. In my early days I’ve been creating dashboard and visualization using SAP BEX, IBM Cognos and mainly SAP Business Object Webi. Dataviz has never been my speciality and now I’m willing to learn more about the possibility theses […]