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  • Scrum is not Agile

    Scrum is not Agile

    Fear me not, what i mean is best written this way: « Scrum != Agile ». Yes, Scrum is one of the most used frameworks used over the agile mindset. But it’s definitely not THE ONLY way! I really enjoy the Agile way I’m proud to defend it. I try to apply the principles of Agile in…

  • The Open Space

    The Open Space

    Nowadays, everybody knows what an Open Space is and if you are working in tech you probably already worked (and still) in such office. I have several experiences in workplaces having used different types of office myself. I never had my word to say about the workplace but I’m constantly arguing about the workplace/environment. Here…

  • The four types of work

    The four types of work

    Since I started my professional career, I’ve always tried to better organize my work. In my early days, I was just doing things as they came and never planned my work or at least time frame for it. I have to say that it worked! I had some hard weeks, some very long days but…

  • I have been chosen to become a Certified Professional !

    I have been chosen to become a Certified Professional !

    In my early days as a business intelligence consultant, my company asks me to pass some certification in order to advertise the company skills on some specific technologies. At first I took that opportunity as a reward from my company. It was like a prove my capability so they want to offer me the right…

  • What does « Data » stand for ?

    What does « Data » stand for ?

    In this article I’ll talk about what someone working on the data field might really work on !